Medical Device Packaging


报告题目:Medical Device Packaging   和  Distribution Packaging and E-commerce: Changes/trends in the United States

报告人:Dr Min Degruson  和John Scheffler 

报告时间: 2019528日(周二),下午15001700


报告内容:Medical Device Packaging:  Medical device is an object intended for diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease of other bodily function by acting through physical action, not chemical or metabolic means. U.S. is the largest producer and consumer of medical devices but Asian pacific is the emerging market with the fastest growth. Medical device packaging system provides a vital function for medical devices. The lecture will give an overview of medical device industry, focusing on the factors and history in U.S., and then provide a brief introduction of the medical device packaging system.

Distribution Packaging and E-commerce: Changes/trends in the United States:  Lecture is about the growth of e-commerce and how it making packaging distribution more challenging in the United States and globally.